The Oldham Street telephone office in Manchester normally has operators on duty from 11am to 10pm every day. They currently work from home because of Covid-19 restrictions, but the office will re-open shortly.

What is the helpline for?
Point of contact for suffering alcoholics
Refer callers to local members who can introduce them to local meetings
Provide meetings info to members

Want to help out?
If you have more than 12 month’s sobriety and want to try phone service please give us a call.
There will be an introductory meeting for potential new operators at Oldham Street on Saturday 21st August 2021 - call us.

We also always need 12th Steppers to help with introducing new members to AA.

How is it run?

The service is run by the Oldham Street Committee. This is made up of elected representatives from the Manchester, East Cheshire and East Lancashire intergroups.

Most of the funding comes from the 3 intergroups, who get their money from the "pot" in AA meetings. The money is used to pay for rent, telephone lines, publishing the Manchester Meetings List, and lots of tea and coffee.